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Are we missing an opportunity for a great conversation with Social Media?

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I was reading some writing by blogger Jeff Goin who writes about writing. He was saying that social media is a two way street. It’s an unique opportunity to have a conversation with other people. But on blogs people write these complete thoughts, not offering room for conversation. I’ve been doing this! I love to write complete thoughts. It feels so good wrapping everything up.

This got me thinking about a couple things. First, I really agree with his statement that social media is a two-way street. It’s about much more than consuming. It’s a really cool way to co-create thoughts and articles and conversations. Let’s look at some of the tools we have today. With Twitter we can co-create conversations and current events. With Pinterest we co-create galleries of our interests, effectively co-creating digital magazines.

The second thought I had was that social media offers a way of connecting people across the world in one conversation, as if they were sitting around a table at a coffee shop. It’s really too bad that Google and Facebook are trying to give us location based search results. Because this is really is a unique opportunity to connect the world in a totally new way that could lead to break down of social barriers. It’s just a thought. What do you think? Is social media just a conversation, is it really about co-creating and could it help bring people from around the world into closer community?

By Jonathan Whiting

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