A look into real world cycling aero gains – Part 3 on the Handlebars/Stem

11 thoughts on “A look into real world cycling aero gains – Part 3 on the Handlebars/Stem

    1. The watt savings will be massive. Because the body is moving into an entirely different position. It will be different for each rider based on how aero their riding position is.

  1. Well I think for aerobars its often the problem of how u measure the drag. If you have a Person behind the bar the advantage will be much less than if u measure it alone in the windchannel. So I dont think u can save up to 7 Watts just by riding an aero handlebar. Also many aero handle bars are only aviable with a width over 400mm. A classical handlebar with 380 is probaly faster than a 400 aero.

    1. Yes, agreed Alexander. I would say that likely is true for many aero upgrades. Most of the advantage will be on solo attacks. I saw an interesting interview where a few riders, such as Sagan, were interviewed asking if they would prefer an aero or lightweight bike. Sagan mentioned he would prefer a light bike. It makes sense when they spend most of their time in the peloton. The only time a rider like Sagan will be dropped is going up hill.

    2. bars that tiny will likely flare out your elbows,lats. Thus,Create waves and irregularities in your body contour, that somethings significant you fail to realize. it’s possible wider aero bars could be better if it helps you keep your body Appendages and contours in better position

      1. Hi Al, definitely. As you say, aerodynamics are all about minimizing your frontal impact. The more your elbows flare out the greater your frontal area and resistance. A simple rule is to look at your shoulders and find bars that will ensure your hands aren’t wider than your shoulders and are comfortable to hold your arms straight.

  2. Just stumbled across this. One of my main questions about the aero stem is, when you inevitably end up sticking a computer mounted out front, does it not negate the aero advantages (even with an aero Wahoo Bolt) so just sticking aero bars rather than the combo is just as good?

    1. Hi Charlie, yes it would reduce the aero advantage. That said, most aero stems have aero mounting bars for the computer. So it’s not on top of the stem. It would be interesting to compare an aero stem (computer combo) with a standard one with computer.

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