Burnout kills. 7 simple ways to overcome burnout learned from personal experience!

5 thoughts on “Burnout kills. 7 simple ways to overcome burnout learned from personal experience!

  1. How are you doing now that 2013 is winding down? I experienced something like this earlier this year and am still working on getting it under control, just curious what it is like from the other side.


    1. Thanks for this question.

      I’ve posted an update to this here. https://machiine.com/2018/the-truth-about-burnout/ I’m pleased to say as of 2018 I’m 100% recovered.

      Since learning more about burnout, it’s not too hard to plan for success. Recently, I learned more about the psychology behind stress and burnout and it has changed my approach. I hope to write another article about more of what I’ve learned and how I am dealing with it today. I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you find is helping you?

      1. Hi Jonathan I’m just after a bit of advice I moved house about 8 months ago and it was really stressful with work and moving my kids to a different area when we eventually moved in i felt really ill for about 4 weeks then got better so I went back to work and the gym but again I felt really tired all the time sleeping loads and felt really ill again can burnout make you feel ill…? Headaches feel hot and just un well and tired all the time..?

        1. Hi Billy,

          Thanks for your comment. It’s the sustained stress that can make your body feel ill. It took me a few years to recover. There was a period when I struggled to eat or drink as it made me feel nauseous. There is a lot of studies coming out on stress. Stress itself isn’t bad. In fact one study found that intentionally going through short stressful experiences can help train the body to handle stress better. By reducing one’s blood pressure and stabilizing hormone levels during larger stressful episodes. It’s that the sustained level of stress can increase the cordisol levels and lower our immune system. I would recommend speaking to a physician and setting time aside to reflect and also to exercise. Exercise was hugely helpful to me.

  2. Wow, I never realized how burnouts can totally affect your life for a long time. I haven’t experienced it yet, I just hit roadblocks and that just means I need to have a rest to refresh my mind.
    These are great tips to stay productive and to also have a healthy lifestyle. Our mind and body communicates and they can both get exhausted sometimes. That’s why it’s important to always keep it in check.
    I remembered one article that said, the number one secret to greater productivity is exercise. Because it releases energy level, helps you sleep better and improves your focus and concentration. So, we shouldn’t just make time for work but we should also make time to keep fit and take care of our body.

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