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As of yesterday, our company, Simple Engine [media], has embarked on a new journey, remote teams. We still have our main office, the HQ, with our core team working from there. We are just excited to add some new members to our team, who will be working remotely.

Remote teams brings with it some big challenges. We are passionate about building the best solutions, but building great products means we need great project management and great communication. Great remote project management may prove challenging with the different timezones. Also, we have a unique culture in our office, how will we be able to make people feel part of that culture when they are working from hundreds or thousands of kms away? Then there is the issue of trust and security.

This is a new journey for us and I will be posting some articles in the future. I might write about remote hiring, remote managing, remote source control etc. If this proves successful for us I will post some articles about what we did right, and if it proves to beĀ disastrous, then I will post some article of things to avoid. Have you had any experience with remote teams? I would like to know your thoughts.

By Jonathan Whiting

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It all starts with needs of contemporary business. The fast development of business activities, necessity for quick information interchange and decision making are imposing the business to adopt quickly. One of obstacles for team work is distance. This is where the remote team comes in!

I agree with you, that distance is an obstacle. But I’ve found that good people make the team and distance becomes less of an obstacle over time.

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