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A challenge! I accept

Barney Stinson Challenge Accepted

I was browsing through books on business and leadership at Chapters and was alarmed at the number of authors who weren’t in business themselves. They were journalists for news agencies like the Wall Street Journal or professors at highly esteemed academic institutions. Wanting to get better at business myself I was looking to read about other entrepreneurs that had experienced similar hurdles to the ones I was facing. I wanted to know the hard learned strategies these entrepreneurs used, not a chapter about the value of discipline and what I ought to do to become a better leader.

Later I was at a church meeting and the speaker mentioned that a friend of his had thrown out most of his messages because he was challenging himself to only teach on the things he was doing, not about the things he knew were good to do. Instead of the old adage practice what you preach, he wanted to preach what he practiced. Then it hit me, about half of what I’ve been posting on this blog are things that I know are a good idea to do in business, but they aren’t coming from my experience.

Like the ‘nontrepreneurs’ who wrote those books at Chapters, I’m not writing about the topics that I would find valuable.

So challenge accepted. I’m going to attempt to change my Wednesday posts on business to experiences I’ve had in business and what I learned from them. More like this article I wrote a while back on 3 simple ways we could have built our startup faster and cheaper! I’m curious, what you think?

By Jonathan Whiting

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