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Benotto Bicycles – The birth of a hero

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  1. Hi Jonathan, I’ve got a Benotto I was given about 20 years ago and can’t seem to figure out what model it is, or if indeed it was a Benotto. It was originally from a bike shop in the UK and made its way to NZ. It had Shimano 6400 on it and was all badged up as Benotto, it just doesn’t have any of the engraving/branding on the seat stays or forks and doesn’t have the cut out in the BB. Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    I have got an old Benotto Modelo 500. However I can’t find anything about this model. Can you get in contact with me and give me more information?

    1. Hi Bikeboy, the Benotto 500 was a more relaxed frame position. Not a race bike, but a still a fine road bike. In many regards a better design for long touring or cruising. Wish you all the best.

  3. Jonathan, the connection between Benotto and Ugo De Rosa is in fact we’ll documented.
    Ugo built many of the 70s team frames for Sanson (Mosers team) and the Modelo 3000 continued to be built with the De Rosa trademark diamond chain stays.

    1. Yes, as a builder Ugo De Rosa built for many companies. And Benotto worked with incredibly talented Italian bike builders such as Giuseppe Pelà. I’ve heard that many of the racing bikes were built by De Rosa, possibly more after Pelà retired. I wasn’t aware that the diamond chain stays were De Rosa’s. It’s a great design. The geometry of diamond shape makes sense as it would make a stiffer drive chain. It also makes sense that Benotto would use them. As he also used Campagnolo components, as they were better. Do you have a link to any documentation I can add here? I’ve reached out to Benotto as well to learn more about the relationship between Ugo De Rosa and Giacinto Benotto. An interesting part of cycling history.

  4. Hello Jonathan, do you know something about the relation between Benotto and De Rosa, why some frames have the heart in their bracket? Thanks, Jan from Brugge, Belgium.

    1. I think it’s a simple gesture, made with Love. The heart is symbolic of Italian’s passion for racing bicycles. For De Rosa, it’s their logo. I don’t know the relationship between them. At some point De Rosa must have made it their own.

  5. Miss and Mister Benotto!
    Great family that i know since Venezuela 1977.
    I recieved a training pull and pants from Mexico.
    When Roger De Vlaeminck won a big race i recieved a telegram from the Benotto’s to wish all the best to Roger and to congratulate him.
    Nice souvenirs.
    On Instagram!

  6. Hi Jonathan Whiting, I’m in Vietnam & having a Modelo 800 but I can not identify where & when it was made.
    I would like to send you some photoes and i am would be appreciated of your advise.
    Please give me your email for further contact.

    Many Thanks.

  7. hola, yo tengo varios modelos de benotto podría proporcionar fotos para enriquecer esto y ampliar el criterio tengo una ente rita modelo 540,850,1500, etc por los mas conspicuos pero también he notado que algunos cuadros vienen cromados y encima pintados eso desconozco la década en la que los hacían así principalmente esas bicicletas son 27 1 1/4 y no 700 pronto pienso adquirir los modelos faltan tes de pista y los famosos águila de tachira

    1. Hi Imanol, sorry I do not speak Spanish. But I did translate this, so thank you very much. Please send those photos over. Could you provide a link in the comments? Thank you.

  8. Hi! I just bought a Benotto! A red one! It has the “I” stamped under the crankcase. The fork is chromed, so is the “back fork”. The cables are internal. Brakes are Campagnolo, as is front derailleurs. Something has happened, the back gear change is Campagnolo Mirage 9 Speed while the cassette has six sprockets/chain wheels.
    A Italian guy think it’s from approx 1985.

    1. Hi Thomas, I’ll be a bit surprised if the bike has internal cables. Also, the gearing sounds off for that age. Possibly a newer bike. Do you have a photo?

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