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How to use the simple responsive CSS grid – SimpleGrid

Introducing an easy-to-use and lightweight css grid. 

  • Flexible 12 column grid
  • Easily extend for custom styling
  • Fluid (works no matter the size of the containing div)
  • Responsive (looks nice on mobile & web)
  • Option to maintain grid column layout on mobile screens

Download latest release 


Tutorial: Force text to line wrap using CSS

Here is a problem I face occasionally. When displaying a long line of code, like the full URL of a link, the text can be wider than the containing div and instead of wrapping the text goes beyond the edges of its containing div which looks ugly.


Solve this by simply adding the following CSS property to your div’s CSS style

.wordWrap { word-wrap: break-word; }

Now the text will wrap nicely within your div container.