TinyMCE with image uploader TinyBrowser download

Download the full package of TinyMCE with everything needed here.

Previously I have used CKeditor for web applications and content management systems that I build. However, I became frustrated with how heavy CKeditor is. So I decided to give TinyMCE a try. Within an hour I realized that I loved it. However, it has two major downfalls. One it is very ugly. Two It does not come with a built in image browser and uploader.

Thanks to the hard work of others, both of these problems have been solved nicely. I did some research online and came across an article by thebigreason where he has kindly created a nice looking skin and is offering it for free.

Original Skin, Ugly and Busy
Clean Skin

Then I needed an image browser and uploader. TinyMCE does not include one in their download, but would prefer that users pay for it. That is fine, but I checked around online to see if any free plugins were available. I came across a great review of all the available free image management plugins for TinyMCE by Tysen. After first reading about them, I decided to test a few out myself, and quickly came to the conclusion that I prefered TinyBrowser. It seems to integrate the best into TinyMCE, is very easy to implement and has a nice user interface.

To use TinyBrowser and Thebigreason Skin simply copy the code below. I have included a working demo in the examples/ folder within the TinyMCE download.

Download the full package of TinyMCE with everything needed here.

If people are interested I will create a short tutorial on how to install TinyMCE and set TinyBrowser up.