TinyMCE with image uploader TinyBrowser download

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  1. Hi Jonathan Whiting,

    I’m tried to integrate your TinyMCE and TinyBrowser code into my current phpbb forum, but I can’t. I’m using phpbb Board version: 3.0.2.
    I’m tried to copy your tiny_mce overwrite to current folder tiny_mce.
    Actually, Where can I begin?
    Did I need to change any thing?
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi JH,

      It’s a while since I integrated this. I know this is a stable version. So it will work right out of the box when you are setting it up. Possibly will have time this weekend to create a tutorial to show you how to setup TinyMCE code into a PHP application. No promises 🙂 but will try.

    1. I normally don’t approve comments that promote links, but in this case I will let it slide because I like file managers. 🙂 Best of luck with your project.

  2. thanks for this post, and yes a short howto would be useful;

    I downloaded the zip file from the git site – for some reason the tinymce file seemed to be named tiny_mce_dev.js rather than tiny_mce.js ? Also in my browser the tinybrowser css for the.img_brower img padding of -20px pulled the image up over the background, so I changed it to +2px

    1. Hi Don, thanks for letting me know about that, I will check it out and get those fixed. What browser are you using?

      1. Hi Jonathan

        sorry for the slow reply, busy using your work to create a js-based notes web app! 😉 I noticed the css quirk in Iceweasel 19.0 (yeah I’m a Debian man!) so if it doesnt replicate in your browser I wouldnt sweat it.

        I’m just happy to have the tinymce/tinybrowser combo sorted, because my previous use of ckeditor/kcfinder worked great until it broke on my Android phone browser.

        Why do I get the feeling that programming isn’t getting any simpler???? 😉 cheers

  3. BIG thank you Jon for this awesome one stop solution!

    You’re quite right that tinyMCE doesn’t come with a nice image browser/file uploader. I’ve been struggling to find a free but nice solution for days. Below are the list of options I tried:

    I’ve successfully integrated all three of them with tinyMCE but found they are a bit hard to customise to some extend. None of them seems perfect to me, therefore I spent more time kept on searching until I hit this page! I downloaded the code from github and everything just worked nicely. It took me only some minor efforts to integrating the whole solution into the CMS I used for my projects.

    And the ‘thebigreason’ fits the color theme of the CMS quite well so I’m very happy with the result. (nice skin btw)

    I can see a lot of effort put in this project. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

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