How to list all of a users groups in Ubuntu

If you need to see all of the groups assigned to a user simply type the following into the Terminal:

groups username

To display all the groups on your Ubuntu system just type:



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3 Replies to “How to list all of a users groups in Ubuntu”

  1. The above is partially incorrect. “groups” entered on its own on the command line only shows the groups to which the current process belongs. To list all groups on the system, try:

    cat /etc/group

    1. /etc/group will give you the groups on the system BUT does not contain ALL information pertaining to which users are associated to which groups. It doesn’t contain the information around a user’s primary group. So if my user nevyn has a primary group of “finance”, you won’t find nevyn listed next to finance in /etc/group. Instead, this information is stored in /etc/passwd.

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