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Welcome to part 5 of the MAMP tutorial. In this post we will go over setting up friendly URLs on your Mac server. We will be adding a new site called http://mysite.localhost You will also learn how to run multiple domain sites on your local server. Having Virtual Hosts enabled is really useful when developing sites on…

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There are two ways to find the owner and group of a directory in Ubuntu: First way: ls -l /path/to/file The 3rd field outputted is the user and and the fourth is the group drwxr-xr-x 2 user group 4096 Feb  7 01:17 foldername Second way: stat -c “%U %G” /path/to/file This will return user group

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A quick tutorial showing you how to ensure that new files created in your file structure will inherit the existing user and groups (no matter which user creates the new files). This tutorial is for Debian/Ubuntu and Mac:

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