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Pulling a git repo from github to your Ubuntu server

27 thoughts on “Pulling a git repo from github to your Ubuntu server

  1. By far and away one of the best articles for this i have ever read. Followed it step by step and Boom! sorted 🙂 Thanks

  2. Jonathan,

    An excellent article. Like others I got it going (almost) first time. I say almost because I had two-factor authentication on my GitHub login and that failed my command line login. Once I realised this and disabled TFA it worked great.

    Any workaround to keep TFA would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Sharif,

      Thanks for the compliment and the heads-up about the 2-step authentication. When I have some time will look into some solutions to keep TFA enabled.

  3. Thank you for the Article! It’s great

    But for was me need this operation

    Add your generated SSH key to the ssh-agent:
    ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

    1. Hi Sergei,

      Thanks for commenting. There are a few responses about ssh add. This will help others. thanks

  4. This was very easy to follow, super helpful! Thank you!

    One comment:
    Please add a section on adding the SSH key to the SSH agent in Ubuntu (ssh-add).

  5. hi, thank you for your tutorial. im getting issues when i have a passphrase but will my server be still secure if i dont have a passphrase? and if not, how do i make git pull work when having a passphrase? thanks

    1. Hi Leotan,

      Your server will still be secure without a git passphrase set. If you have multiple server users and they have access to your git repos, then having a passphrase may be useful if you don’t want to give them ability to pull or push to your git repo. But generally passphrases are unnecessary.

  6. Not sure when this was written, but it was EXTREMELY helpful – thank you. I’ve been struggling getting git working cleanly without having to ask me for credentials every. single. time. – this did the trick.

    Do you have any similarly-helpful articles on basic git usage now that this article has laid a good starting foundation?

    1. Hi John, thanks for your feedback. I don’t have any other articles yet, but I could definitely put some together. What would you be most interested in learning?

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