Benotto Classic – a growing list of Benotto Bicycles from 1931-1985

This is an attempt to document all of Benotto’s pre 1985 models. I need your help, if you have a photo of a Benotto and know the year/model please send it to me or share a link to it in the comment section. That will really help out the community.

About 10 years ago I was lucky enough to pickup a Benotto of my own at a local garage sale. Having ridden many local hills and windy roads on this beautiful vintage frame I have personally experienced the esteem and fondness that Benotto owners and admirers have for these bikes. Benotto is a true Italian classic. The only problem is that there is very little information about them online. So this is an incomplete list at best, but hopefully it will help you learn more about your bicycle.

If you have any question, ask me in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them.

1931 Bicicletas Benotto was established by 24 year old Giacinto Benotto

1948 Benotto

1948 Benotto

1952 Benotto

1952 Benotto

1952-55 Benotto Grazie Paolo

1952-55 Grazie Paalo Benotto

1952-55 Benotto Cambio Corsa

1952-1955 Benotto Cambio Corsa

1970s Benotto Modelo 800

1970s Benotto Modelo 800

1970s Benotto Modelo 2500

1970s Benotto Modelo 2500

1970s Benotto Modelo 2700 Pista

1970s Benotto Pista

1970s Benotto Pista

This was Francesco Moser’s training bike

1976 Benotto Modelo 2700

Francesco Moser Benotto Modelo 2700

Late 1970s Benotto Modelo 2700

1970s Benotto Modelo 2700

Model 2700

Pista Professional

“A proven design built with rigidity and swift power transmission in mind. Hand built with Columbus SL tubing, utilizing fancy cut lugs, crown, bottom bracket and joined at low temperature with silver/bronze solder for optimum strength.

Frame: Columbus SL tubing. Investment cast lugs and bottom bracket low temperature silver/bronze joined. Campagnolo rear track ends beveled and chromed.

Fork: Columbus SL oval blades with chromed Campagnolo ends.

Bar & Stem: TTT track special dural or Cinelli.

Saddle: Cinelli Buffalo No.3.

Campagnolo Record Track Group: Chainwheel set 1/2X X 1/8, black super light track pedals, headset, rear cog, seat post and hubs 36degrees, rear cog 13-14-15 or 16 teeth.

Chain: Regina, 1/2 X 1/8.

Rims: Nisi, track professional 36 degrees.

Spokes: Stella, double butted, stainless steel.

Tubulars: Clement No.3.

Toe Clips: Christophe.

Straps: Binda extra.

Tape & Plugs: Benotto professional.

Sizes: 50, 53, 56, 57 and 59 cms.

Color: Benotto Team Professional Nickel Beige.

Net Weight: 18lbs. 7oz (8.500 Kgs).

Late 1970s Benotto Modelo 3000

1970s Benotto Modelo 3000 roadbike

Model 3000 Campione D’Italia. This was the model ridden by Francesco Moser and includes the Columbus SL Tubing

“A classic Italian racing racing masterpiece. Built from Columbus SL tubing by a master craftsman using investment cast lugs, bottom bracket, fork crown and joined with low temperature silver/bronze solder to maintain frame strength, while diamond chain stays maintain a rigid rear triangle.”

“This is the bicycle of Francesco Moser, Champion of Italy and Captain of the Sanson/Benotto team.”

Frame: Columbus SL tubing. Investment cast lugs and bottom bracket with Campagnolo micro-adjusting drop outs, braze on cable and derailleur guides.

Fork: Investment cast with helical steering column and fork blade stiffeners.

Bar & Stem: Cinelli alloy with extension No. 1 Record.

Saddle: Cinelli Buffalo No. 3

Freewheel: Regina Titanium 6 speed.

Chain: Regina Oro, perforated.

Campagnolo Super Record Group: Double chainwheel set, pedals with titanium axle, rear derailleur, brakes, headset, fluted septets, front changer and hubs.

Rims: Nisi Professional Dural, 36degree

Spokes: Stella double butted, stainless steel.

Tubulars: Clement criterium silk.

Toe Clips: Christophe SL.

Straps: Binda extra.

Color: Benoto Team Professional Nickel Beige.

Tape & Plugs: Benotto professional.

Sizes: 50, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58.5, and 60cms

Net Weight: 19.5lbs (9.000kgs)

1978-82 Benotto Modelo 3000

1978-82 Benotto Modelo 3000

Campagnolo Super Record throughout.
Cinelli Giro D’ Italia bars on Cinelli stem.
Mavic MA40 rims.

In 1977 Moser won the San Cristobal Venezuela World Championship. Post-1977 Modelo 3000 bikes come with a sticker under the seat tube that reads “1977 San Cristobal Venezuela”.

Differences between the years can be seen in the chain guides beneath the bottom bracket (BB). In 1979 the chain guides were brazed onto to the BB, while in 1981 the chain guides were cast into the bottom of the BB.

1979 Benotto Catalogue 

1979 Benotto Modelo 3000

1979 Benotto Modelo 3000

Benotto modelo 3000 front handlebars

1980-82 Benotto Modelo 2000

1980-1982 Benotto Modelo 2000

1980s Benotto Cromor

1980s Benotto Cromor

Campagnolo chorus groupset including monoplaner brake calipers

More details here

1983 Benotto Modelo 850

1983 Benotto Modelo 850 Paris-Roubaix

1983 Benotto Modelo 850 Paris-Roubaix1983 Benotto Modelo 850 Paris-Roubaix1983 Benotto Modelo 850 Paris-Roubaix1983 Benotto Modelo 850 Paris-Roubaix

Model 850


Ishiwata 019 tubing

1983/84 Benotto Modelo 850

Benotto Modelo 850 paris-roubaix

Benotto Modelo 850 paris-roubaix

Benotto Modelo 850 paris-roubaix

Benotto Modelo 850 paris-roubaix

Model 850


Frame: Benotto Modelo 850 Paris-Roubaix (stamped R6819 on the bottom bracket) – 59,5 cm C-T
Fork/Headset: Benotto
Crankset/Bottom Bracket: SR
Derailleurs/Shifters: Suntour Vx / Suntour
Handlebars/Stem: Sakae Custom Road Champion / SR with Benotto pantograph
Saddle/Seatpost: Corsaire 313 San Marco (NOS) / SR Laprade
Brakes: Benotto brakes with Dia-Compe Cherry with CLB brake lever hoods

1984 Benotto Modelo 850

1984 Benotto Modelo 850

Model 850


Columbus Zeta tubing was used in 1984-1986. Prior to that Ishiwata 019 was used.

The 1984 model originally came with SunTour Vx derailleurs, SR crankset, Cherry brakes and Miche hubs laced to Ambrosio Elite rims. Interestingly, the frame was also available with optional, Tange #1 tubing for $50 extra!

The 1985 model used Campagnolo 980 derailleurs, Nervar crankset, Modolo Corsa brakes and the Ambrosio Elite rims.

The 1986 model used Campagnolo 980 derailleurs, SR crankset, Modolo Flash brakes and Miche hubs laced to Nisi tubular rims.

1984 Benotto Modelo 5000 

1984 Benotto Modelo 5000

1985 Benotto 3000

1985 Benotto Modelo 3000

For more information about the story behind these bikes you can find the history of Benotto here.

38 Replies to “Benotto Classic – a growing list of Benotto Bicycles from 1931-1985”

  1. Hi Jonatha,
    The last frame picture in your post is of Benotto 3500 (SLX).

    Other than that –
    Do you know the spec of late 80s benottos? are they still using nisi rims, super record groupset? are they using O.M.A.S components?

  2. Hi Jonathan. Thanks to all your pieces I think I have been able to identify the Benotto I have as a Modelo 1500 or 1600. Happy to share pics if interested. It is still original as he got it from the store in mid 1980’s.

  3. Hi Jonathan

    My name is Sergio Salgado, I’m from Mexico

    Please I need your help to identify my Benotto Frame, this frame was purchased to in the early 90’s

    Only I have this info about my frame

    the seat post diameter is 26.6
    the dropouts are Gipiemme

    You can identify the model?

    I share you the picasa link:

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Sergio, thanks for your question. I’m not that familiar with newer Benotto frames, but maybe there is someone here who will be able to provide some direction on the model. If I find any thing I will be sure to let you know.

  4. Hello:
    I am from Portugal, near Lisbon, and have a great passion for bicycles. I am thinking about to buy Benotto but I cannot identify the model. As far as I know the owner buy the frame and equipped it with components that are not in the original models. In this link there are several photos of the bike: I will appreciate very much if anyone could help me identify this Benotto. Thanks, João Veiga

  5. Hello, people!

    I am giving a try here to find out the exact model and year of Benotto frame I found in my local bike shop. It has no stickers and most probably it was over-painted hundred times. The only reason why I know that it is Benotto frame is the engraving on the top of the seatstay.
    First of all, it has a heart cutout on the bottom bracket. Secondly, it has “R9485” marking on the bottom bracket. Thirdly, the frame has cable guides on the bottom of the bottom bracket. Additionally, the top tube has also cable guides on the top of the tube.
    It would be so nice, if some expert could help me to identify this frame, I would really like to renovate it.

    1. Hi Archie, I will do my best, and I’m sure others might pitch in as well. Upload your pictures to Google Picassa and then share the link here. If you could take pictures of the bottom bracket, chain stays, mounting points and front forks that would help.


    1. Some useful info to identify the frame would be:
      1. Seatpost size
      2. If the dropouts (puntas) read Benotto or Campagnolo.
      3. The shape of the chainstays, diamond or oval shape.
      4. Weight of the frame

  6. Hi Jonathan. I just picked up a Benotto from a friend. He did not have a lot of details about the bike, but I am guessing it may be from the mid to late 1980s. It has Shimano 105 hubs, brakes, friction shifters, derailleurs. My friend had it repainted and it is close to what looks like a champaign color that I have seen on line for other Benotto bikes. The handle bars say 3 TTT and made in Italy. The rims appear to be original, Wolbers, Made in France. The only number I could find was stamped on the bottom bracket…381. I am very excited about getting this bike out on the road, and it appears ready to go. I put close to 2,000 miles on a lugged, 1991 Bianchi this year, but this bike may mean the Bianchi will spend more time hanging upside down in my garage. Any thoughts on the model, vintage or other details based on the description would be greatly appreciated. I could also email you photos if that would help. Jim

    1. Hi Jim, yes a photo will help. I do know that the 1987 Modelo 1800 was sold with the Shimano 105 Groupset, Cinelli bars and Columbus SL frame. In 1987 the 3000, 2500 and 1800 had the Columbus SL frame. So that would be a really nice bike. Would need photos to confirm.

    1. Hi Gord, the Shimano 600 groupset was introduced in 1980-83. Likely it will put your bike in that age range, based on the fact that in 1984-86 they were using different components. The Shimano 600 was a high-end groupset. At that time the Shimano Dura-Ace and 600 were considered “high-end”. Later Shimano put all their R&D into Dura-Ace, the highest quality level. The 850 was an entry level club racer. You’ve got a great bike. Benottos are pretty rare.

  7. Hi! thanks for the information about Benotto´s Bikes. I have a great bike, but I can´t know the year. If you want to help me y would be thankful. Sorry my english is not good. Maybe contact whit me on email, I´m from Bolivia. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marcelo,

      If you post the pictures on Google Picasa and share the link in the comments, it will help to identify your bike. Cheers

  8. Hi, I just got a Modelo 3000, the weird thing is it has two holes for internal cabling in the top tube, no cable guides or anything n the top tube, just those holes. They look pretty crude and i was thinking they were homemade, i was thinking of covering them. do you have any info on that? Thanks.

    1. Hi Oscar, yes those holes would most likely be an after market addition. You could weld them then grind them down after. Will be as good as new.

    1. Hi Joseph, this is a great question. I actually need the color code as well to complete my restoration so I’m on the look out as well. Will keep you updated if I find it. Hopefully someone else might know.

  9. Hi Jonathan,
    In your exposition you missed the Benotto giroruota from 1933 if you want to give me your email address i can send you the picture of this bike

  10. Just rescued a Benotto at the local dump. In rough shape, rust on the frame and components. No idea what year it is. It has Suntour Honor components. Color is an iridescent green. Made in Italy tag and Benotto head piece. Shifters are by the handlebar stem not on the down tube. Nice, large winged nuts on front wheel. Any ideas on vintage? The vintage bike sites I looked at do not have much on Benotto bikes.

    1. Hi Walter, that’s a really great find. With what you’ve described, and the fact that it has a made in Italy sticker, it’s likely a mid 1970’s model. I did some quick research on the Suntour Honor components and these were also used in the mid 70s. You can check the date stamps on the Suntour components to confirm.

  11. hello there, I just went deep into the bowels of my crawl space and pulled out my benotto which has been collecting dust since about 1990…. I started to think that I would like to clean it up and get it back on the road…. came across your article(s) and am now intrigued and curious as to whether my modelo 850 may actually be one that was manufactured in Italy… it is exactly as the blue 1983 model above. (not nearly as in good shape as that but the same stickers and handlebars)… how do I get you a picture?

    1. Hi Miles, it could very well be from Italy. From what I understand the only reliable indicator is if it has a “Made In Italy” sticker on the bike. The frame, geometry, components and steel used was the same in both Mexico and Italy. So it’s almost impossible to verify without a sticker.

  12. Hi, I bought a gently used Benotto modelo 2000 around 1985 in the SF Bay Area. It was won by a woman bicyclist. Unfortunately it is in rough shape having sat in a garage for years. Our local bike shop thinks it will cost about $300 to tune up. I am thinking of selling it to someone who would enjoy it as much as I did in the 1980s. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks, Bob

    1. Hi Bob, sorry for the late response. Sounds like an amazing bike.

      They don’t build bikes like this anymore. And a model 2000 is a really nice bike. It may be worth taking it to a local shop, one that is a little less expensive, and having them fix it up for $60-$120. It’s truly a beautiful machine.

  13. Hi MY name is Edward Ian from Puerto Rico and I have a benotto bike I what to now how can I now the yere of the benotto bike and colecteble price it’s on perfect shape and have all it’s components….

  14. Hello,
    since last year I’m a proud owner of a (presumably) early 80es 800 dilletante in classical team design. It is mostly equipped with first gen. Shimano 600 or Arabesque components. I’d like to contribute some pictures (don’t know where to send them).

    I am looking forward on this documentation project, because indeed there only are few and contradictory information in the web available.
    I also can contribute some however unfortunate information from a former Benotto head of sales in North America:
    (see in the comments, hope that is just a fake).

    Kind regards from Germany


    1. Hi Jean-Paul. That would be great. I will send you a direct email. Thanks for that information, took a look at the comment, sounds a bit like a disgruntled employee but insightful.

    1. Hi Alejandro,

      Well it depends on the condition of your bike and where you live. Benottos have steadily gone up in value over the past 10 years. The Paris-Roubaix is no exception as it’s collectable. It was an entry level Benotto at the time. The frame is the same geometry as the higher-end 2000 and 3000 models, but the components are not as high-end. Also, it has columbus Zeta tubing which makes a good frame (stiff and strong), but slightly heavier than Columbus Aelle or SL. Any frame made of Columbus tends to be more desirable. Overall this is an excellent vintage bike. So the price range for a Paris-Roubaix will be somewhere between $350-$800+ depending on condition and the demand for classic bikes in your area. The champagne colour is the most collectable because in 1977 Franscesco Moser won the world title on a champagne coloured Benotto Modelo 3000.

      1. Hi, Jonathan….i wonder if youre still active here…since the last post was last year. Im a proud owner of a Benotto 3000…having bought it in 1980 and Always kept my bike indoor…. still looks great after 36 years…. i got my bike with loose components mainly Campagnolo super record except the brakes. I try to upgrade my bike trying to secure a campagnolo super record brake set and a pair of new Vittoria tubes… the way….my benotto 3000 frame is in pearl white with chrome fork which i find exceptionally beautiful in my eyes and seldom such color even on the net….

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