How to paint your scooter using spray paint at home

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  1. I’m considering repainting my 2001 Vespa 150 ET4. Thanks for this tutorial! I’m wondering if you took the pieces off the scooter to paint or if you left them assembled? Also, did you tape things like the handles and side mirrors or do you only need to tape the parts adjacent to the places you want to paint? Also, about how much paint do you need for a full paint job?

    1. Hi Jeanie, good luck with your project. I did remove the pieces. It is much easier painting them individually. I didn’t paint the side mirrors or handles.

      I can’t remember the exact amount of paint.

  2. Thanks for the great guide.
    I’m gonna try it this weekend.

    How many cans did you use? I’m going for 1 solid colour but don’t know how many spray cans to buy.

      1. Thank you for the inspiration. My Yamaha Vino 50cc body is all washed and degreased. I’m ready to go!!!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’m just about to start on my first Vespa ET4 project, and haven’t sprayed in years.
    Thanks again.

  4. This is terrific. I’ve been thinking about painting my Gmax220. It’s a fading neon green color, and it could really use a clean up job. I’m actually really excited about this project. I already love my bike to death, but this will make me cherish her even more. Avada is due for some “me time” lol

  5. This is an awesome reference- thank you Jonathan. I’m wondering, how did the paint job hold up over time? I read on a forum that some paint jobs can crack quickly if you’re not experienced, like within a year. Did you experience this at all?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lida, the paint holds up really well. I haven’t experienced any cracking. I think it’s largely because of the primer as it gives the paint a great surface to bond to. Also, if too much filler is used to fill holes (more than a few millimetres thick), this can cause cracking when it dries later. For best results, gradually fill a hole allowing the filler to dry between each layer.

  6. Hi there thank you for the tutorial. I have just tried painting my plastic panels with direct to plastic black gloss but can still see some light scratches. Any advice pls

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Best thing to do would be to give the new coat a wet sand with 1200 grit sandpaper. Sand it down until smooth and then do another coat.

    1. Hi John, yes they were 12oz cans. I believe I used about 2-3 cans for the primer, and 4 cans for the base coat and 3 cans for the top coat. The base coat seemed to require the most paint.

  7. Also, did you even use the 1200 grit wetordry sandpaper? I am having a difficult time finding anything above 600 grit sandpaper where I live. I’m not sure where to go to get wetordry sandpaper. The hardware store didn’t have any. Thanks.

    1. Hi Logan, 1200 grit wetordry sandpaper is good to if you want to get a really smooth finish. You can use 600 grit. It will still turn out okay. I picked mine up at my local auto parts shop.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! This is just about the only quality guide that I have been able to find about how to paint a scooter with spray paint. Are the parts you painted plastic or metal? They look like metal, but I am not sure. If they are metal, do you know if the process is the same with plastic panels? I have a 1986 Honda Elite 80 that I want to paint. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Logan,

      Glad you found it helpful. The process is the same. I painted plastic parts. The only difference between metal and plastic is you need to use a etching primer spray paint for plastic for the bond with the plastic to be really good.

    2. I’m about to paint my Honda Elite CH150D!! Thinking of going from faded red to a nice electric indigo. Do you have pics of your before and after for inspiration??

      1. Hi Jai,

        Good luck with the painting, sounds like it will look really sharp. The only pics I have are the ones on this page.

  9. Hi I want to try to paint my scooter, did you take all the pieces off? If so how did you remove the front cover? I’m having trouble figuring that one out

    1. Hi Melisa,

      I had a trouble removing the front bumper as well. What I did was covered the wheel, you can put a garbage bag around it. And taped off all the visible parts really really well (You don’t want any overspray from the paint getting on anything else). And then I painted the bumper with it still on the scooter. I did one side at a time. Tilting the handle bars to get a better angle at the back.

      It was the hardest part to paint. Take your time and it will turn out fine.

  10. Thank you for taking time to do this, although it looks simple is always good to look after details, I want to paint my vespa and this article will be of much help.
    From Costa Rica

  11. hey thanks for the advice by the way i just want to know how to remove dust particles from scooter. becoz i had paint my scooter previously but the results are zero the dust particles covered up so i finally wants to get rid off from that . plzzzzzz mail me the solutions

    1. Before painting the scooter use a degreaser with a cloth to wipe the parts free of dust. Try to paint in a dust free environment too. What I did was hang a tarp above the area I was painting to prevent dust from falling from the ceiling. It seemed to work pretty well. Also, a good tip is to paint after it rains, that way there is less dust in the air.

  12. Jonathan, the only base paint the shop had in store was meant for metal underground, and to be applied with a brush. My son gave it two coats, and now it’s way too thick and uneven, wet-sanding cannot seem to get it smooth. Do you have any suggestions how to solve this?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. I would try sanding it down with something like 360 or 240 grit sandpaper. And then with 400 grit after you get it smooth to take out the smaller scratches. It might take longer to do, but the end will still be worth it.

      1. Thanks, Jonathan. In the end, he re-assembled it as is, and by the end of the week, his girlfriend’s father will take it to his workshop and sand it down and spray it professionally…
        Anyway, it was an experience, and still thanks for your suggestions!

  13. Thanks, Jonathan! My son has asked me to help him give his old scooter a make-over, it will be our next weekend’s project. After lots of different information, now thanks to you I have a comprehensive list of everything I’ll need to buy, and how to go about it for a decent result!
    Greetings from Israel

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