Have you ever experienced creative block? You need a good idea and you can’t seem to think of one? I used to run a small clothing company out of my house. I was doing everything from designing t-shirts to manning events and following up with sales. Then my creative juices stopped. I was having a…

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Apple MacBook Pro phpMyAdmin Apple MacBook Pro phpMyAdmin

Welcome to part 3 of the MAMP tutorial. In this post we will go over setting up phpMyAdmin on your Mac’s localhost. Part 2 walks you through¬†installing mysql on your localhost read. Part 1 shows you how to setup up Apache on your Mac.

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Without practical business experience, going to conferences and reading books on starting and running a tech business can give people the wrong impression. Starting a new venture appears to be really easy. Have an idea, go through a tough grind, come out the other end prosperous and successful. Best case scenario, you start a new…

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There are two ways to find the owner and group of a directory in Ubuntu: First way: ls -l /path/to/file The 3rd field outputted is the user and and the fourth is the group drwxr-xr-x 2 user group 4096 Feb ¬†7 01:17 foldername Second way: stat -c “%U %G” /path/to/file This will return user group

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